Location: Dinant, Belgium, Europe

Due to a combination of unforeseen circumstances, we are forced to postpone the summer school of 2023.

Friends and Scholars of An Open Mind

Most welcome to our Summer School in Europe.

Discover a challenging and interdisciplinary adventure in the magical world of culture and travel.

A field school indeed, beyond the beaten track!

Together we'll visit, explore and discuss real cases of social and cultural anthropology.

Applying autoethnography, using personal experiences. 

Finding our way in participant observation, a methodology where art and science fall in love. 

Sharing and debating daily our findings in what we call Plato's Cave, a long term project of our Belgian university of Louvain (KU Leuven).

Be prepared to expect the unexpected. 

Any questions about the program? Just contact us. 

See you in our cosy and comfortable base camp in the charming city of Dinant, Belgium. 

Marijke, Christof, Johan, Marc



Adventure & Experience


Dinant is a Walloon city and municipality located in Namur Province, Belgium (Europe). Located on the Meuse, in the Ardennes, it lies 90 kilometres (56 mi) south-east of Brussels,

Dinant is located in the French-speaking region of Belgium, It has an area of around 90 km2 which is somehow huge, but the main town itself is small and can be walked in whole in just less than an hour!

In the past, due to its strategic location on the Meuse, Dinant was often exposed to battle and pillage so it naturally follows that this area is quite packed with history and fortresses.

We stay in a comfortable (did someone say jacuzzi and sauna?) and cozy base camp in a breathtaking environment, Take a look at the gallery and

take a look at the gallery and dream away already!


That's possible. First thing to do is to contact your student administration (universities have different rules to obtain credits). If you know what is required, contact us. Our leading professor Marc Vanlangendonck is always prepared to find out what is possible in your case/curriculum.  Be aware that we gladly welcome your professor(s) to visit us. We're looking forward to meet them! 


The field school runs for 15 days.

Challenge, Opportunity, Adventure & Experience are the keywords, In your progam is a 2 day trip to Paris included and you have also the possibiolity to extend your trip with an extensive visit to Belgium before the start of the summer school and/or take a trip through Italy after the summer school.

The field school is directed towards any individual who would like to learn about anthropological research and fieldwork with a highly focus on travel and tourism. So basically everybody is welcome. Belgium id the ideal decor for this Summer School and offers a lot of opportunities for interesting trips in the context of fieldwork in the domain of anthropology and travel: Citadel in Dinant, Leffe museum, kayaking on the Lesse, visiting a real Belgian chocolate maker, meeting interesting people in the hometown of the saxophone,... But learning in the field of anthropology and travel is more than these visits. It is also discovering what are the national dishes from your peers trough a cooking workshop, learning French,... Are you ready to take the road less traveled?


Belgium has an excellent public transport network. During your stay, all transport is included: train, bus, ... You only have to arrange the (inter)national transport to Dinant yourself.


Better to see something once than to hear about it a thousand times.

Asian Proverb